2016 Championship Winners

 2016 Balmoral Classic Results

  • Ralph & Patricia Murray Memorial Trophy presented to Overall Winner (Piping):  Kolya Sier
  • Balmoral Trophy presented to Piobaireachd Winner:  Mark McClennan
  • E.W.Littlefield, Jr. Trophy presented to MSR Winner (Piping):  Kolya Sier
  • David L. Peet Memorial Trophy presented to Overall Winner (drumming):  Blair Beaton
  • St. Andrews Society of Pittsburgh Trophy presented to MSR Winner (Drumming):  Blair Beaton
  • Pittsburgh Firefighters Memorial Trophy presented to H/J Winner:  Blair Beaton
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Piping Competition Winners:

Overall (piping)
1. Kolya Sier, Gilman, Illinois
2. Mark McClennan, Guelph, Ontario
3. Charles Morris, Agoura Hills, California
4. Colin Johnstone, Aurora, Ontario
5. Evan Burlew, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

1. Mark McClennan
2. Kolya Sier
3. Charles Morris
4. Colin Johnstone
5. Evan Burlew

MSR (piping)
1. Kolya Sier
2. Charles Morris
3. Mark McClennan
4. Colin Johnstone
5. Gemma Briggs, Wooster, Ohio

Piping judges:
James Bell, Ian K. MacDonald, Robert Wallace


Drumming Competition Winners:

Overall (drumming)
1. Blair Beaton, Scotia, New York
2. Isabella Jackson, Cleveland, Ohio
3. Brody Duncan, Hamilton, Ontario
4. Dan Evans, Rochester, New York

MSR (drumming)
1. Blair Beaton
2. Isabella Jackson
3. Brody Duncan
4. Dan Evans

HJ (drumming)
1. Blair Beaton
2. Isabella Jackson
3. Dan Evans
4. Brody Duncan

Drumming judges:
Gordon Bell, Jon Quigg


Also competing were pipers Alex Burlew, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Keir Dennis, Guelph, Ontario; Tyler Destremps, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Ana Fairbanks-Mahnke, Wooster, Ohio; Joseph Horwath, Saginaw, Michigan; Steven MacDonald, Dundee, Scotland.